Getting The Most From Your Block Space

Getting The Most From Your Block Space

One of the key benefits of building is being able to fully realise your dream home from the ground up. So how do you get the absolute best out of the block space you have? When building at Anchoridge, you’ll have an opportunity to make the most of your block space right from the very beginning. We’ve put together our top space-maximising ideas for you to consider before breaking ground.

The Backyard Question

At Anchoridge, there is an abundance of wetlands and parklands surrounding the community as well as short drives to the pristine Surf Coast in Torquay and Barwon Heads, so expanding your living area instead of your backyard space may make sense for you.

If you or your family revels in the outdoors, there is no shortage of choices near your new home. Keep this in mind when reviewing your floorplan.

Vertical or Horizontal?

A surefire way to ensure you get the most from your block is deciding to build upwards instead of outwards. Building another storey can almost double your living space and allow you to maximise your backyard space.

Building upwards may also give you great views of the neighbouring wetlands.

A Look at Placement

Planning a home to be cold in summer and warm in winter can be difficult. Orienting your home can not only keep heating costs down, but it can also increase the available space. Placing living zones in a north-east or northerly direction can draw more light into your most lived-in spaces over winter months.

Open Plan vs Multi-Purpose Rooms

Open plan living with kitchens, living rooms, and dining areas that create a path to an outside deck or pergola area gives a feeling of space and freedom, especially in warmer weather. Connecting your BBQ area to a kitchen or dining area can also work wonders for creating the feeling of extra space.

If open plan isn’t your style, consider designing rooms with more than one purpose in mind. A bedroom can also function as a study area or storage space, especially when you can install built-in wardrobes. Living areas could also include study nooks; a garage or carport can also house additional storage space.

To find out more about premium land packages for sale at Anchoridge in Armstrong Creek, call 0427 308 543 or visit us at our Sales Centre, on the corner of Barwon Heads Road and Central Boulevard, Armstrong Creek, 3217.

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